Indian Rosewood Circle of Life Sheesham



A classic offering, our hand-carved premium rosewood urn are guaranteed to please a wide range of customers. The urn inside has a felt liner. The urn has a slide on bottom that locks tightly to ensure ashes are secure.


This product is sold by the case only.



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Package Type

SS100 (48 Small) (1-Pack), SS200 (28 Small, 28 Medium) (2-Pack), SS250 (32 Medium) (1-Pack), SS275 (12 Medium, 12 Large) (2-Pack), SS300 (12 Small, 12 Medium, 12 Large) (3-Pack), SS350 (12 Large) (1-Pack), SS400 (8 Small, 8 Medium, 8 Large, 8 X-Large) (4-Pack), SS450 (12 X-Large) (1-Pack), SS550 (8 Jumbo) (1-Pack)